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About Ben

(and the secret to a peaceful life)

Born and raised on Hilton Head Island, Ben Green is a veteran and well-known fishing enthusiast steeped in the Gullah-Geechee heritage he holds dear. 

As the Island Packet so eloquently described in the article below, "Green was reared in Thunderbolt, Georgia, where he grew up to become the first African-American on the police force, and where he once owned a shrimp boat he called a vast pit he tossed money into before coming home to Hilton Head with his wife, Ruby Maria, and their son, Sheldon.

"When Green was a kid, he had no choice but to go to work with his mother when she went off to head shrimp at the Trade Winds dock in Thunderbolt.

He was too small to reach the heading table. So he entertained himself with a string, a hook and a tin can with a weight in it. He caught eels that still make his mouth water.

"And he caught the secret to a peaceful life."

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